12 Week of Transformation

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires patience, guidance, discipline and correct knowledge. Then you need someone to keep a track on your progress and tell you what is required in the process. You would be thinking of spending money and your time on gym for this but we at Deevefit will provide you all these facilities at your home.

We at Deevefit will provide a 12-week transformation program specially designed for diabetic patients, where we will plan to reach our members according to their convenience and this transformation will be pocket-friendly.

Here are some of the facilities which are provided by Deevefit only:

We will be giving 3 live one-on-one personal training sessions for 30 minutes each per week. In these sessions, our expert trainers would explain to you about the workout and the progress which is taken through the process.

Our expert trainers will provide you with personalized nutrition plan and training program according to your body and its needs. The diet is specially programmed according to your workout and for your recovery process.

We will be providing you with tracker and you can use them for your body measurements and workout. This tracker will be useful as it will help you in monitoring your progress. For Diabetes patients we have a special glucose tracker which will track your glucose level. These trackers will be monitored by our trainers weekly and will plan further according to the progress level.

For any requests and queries our trainers will be available weekly on messenger and phone. You can write them for clarification and help.

Last but very important feature that will be provided in 12 week transformation is that the member will be provided to access exclusive content on Deevefit.  We believe that having knowledge about what you are doing is very important and at Deevefit website the content will educate you about healthy lifestyle and with some do’s and don’ts.

Join today for hustle free experience where there is no time boundation, sign up at Deevefit.com. First 50 members will be given a 20% discount using coupon code DF20 on the save your time from going away from your home to an unprofessional gym and forget the entire traffic struggle which you have to make to reach those gyms.

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