Unhealthy Diabetic Lifestyle: Disadvantages

Tackling Diabetes with a healthy lifestyle
Health Problems due unhealthy diabetic lifestyle

Diabetes is a deadly disease- This is true. Effects of diabetes are limited to just blood sugar levels fluctuating- This is false. Diabetes, if not controlled can lead to numerous complications, and if an unhealthy lifestyle is maintained, you invite those complications for yourself. But what is there to be afraid? Why is all the Sweat lost in exercise and diet control was the effort? Let’s take a look at various complications you could invite if you don’t keep an eye on the unhealthy habits after being diagnosed with diabetes.

The Heart

Cardiovascular immunity
Cardio vascular problems due to unhealthy diabetic lifestyle

Not keeping diabetes under control increases at least twice the risk of heart diseases and strokes as compared to healthy people due to unhealthy diabetic lifestyle. Diabetes can cause severe blood vessels damages along with the disease. You can also call foot problems and even amputations.

How do you know it?

Strokes come up uninvited anyone knows it beforehand. Leg cramps may be suffered due to massive blood vessels in legs.

How do you control it through a Healthy Lifestyle?

Scientists have proven that controlling diabetes to exercise and diet control decreases are the risk and reduce the damage significantly.

Gum and teeth problems

Dental problems
Dental immunity

Gum and teeth are likely to be suffering due to diabetes causing great pain and bleeding.

How do you know it?

Gums would be swollen, and teeth would become pale, and bleeding may start to occur

How do you control it through a Healthy Lifestyle?

If blood sugar and insulin sensitivity are controlled, eating habits are taken care of, tooth care is done right by brushing twice a day thoroughly while also rinsing with mouthwashes, Gum and tooth problems can well be prevented.

Nerve diseases

Nervous immunity
Preventing nerve disorders

High blood sugar levels, negligence after diabetes can cause severe nerve damages, and no less than 70% of diabetics Suffer one or more of these.

Two types of damages can occur :

    • Autonomic neuropathy- It happens when nerves that control internal organs are damaged. It leads to digestive problems, loss of sense as to when your stomach is full, nausea, loss of science to other issues as well as sex-related issues.
  • Peripheral diabetic neuropathy- Starting from toes it makes you lose sensitivity in many body parts along with the obvious pain.

How do you control it through a Healthy Lifestyle ?

Nerve problems can be treated with antidepressants and other medications. Again controlling sugar level reduces the risks.

Kidney Diseases

Kidney problems due to unhealthy diabetic lifestyle
Preventing kidney diseases

Kidney failure is another common effect of diabetes, and a considerable share of the diabetic population suffers from kidney failure.

How do you know it?

It isn’t easily identifiable and can occur suddenly.

How do you control it through a Healthy Lifestyle ?

According to researchers, Medications and exercises that lower blood sugar help in reducing the risk of Kidney failure by one third, as compared to a unhealthy diabetic lifestyle.

So now that you know all the risks of negligence and continuing the unhealthy lifestyle after Diabetes start working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle now!

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