Overcome diabetes, one step at a time.

Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a lifestyle disease that can be genetic, especially if it is the type 1. Diabetes can be classified into roughly four broad categories, and there are different cures for every one of the types. It can cause different types of medical complications if steps to prevent that are not undertaken with care.  

There are multiple ways in which one can overcome diabetes. As it is a, if seen from a broad perspective, the group of metabolic disorders that are characterized by high blood sugar levels over an elaborately long stretch of time. The symptoms of this include: frequent urination, increase or decrease in body weight, fatigue, increased thirst and increased hunger.

To keep your diabetes in check, there a few things that you must know about your disease first. There are varied treatments for the different kinds of diabetes. However, Diabetes mainly occurs due to the pancreas in the body not making enough insulin or the cells in the body not responding properly to the insulin. Thus, the quick remedies are based on these factors.  

There is no known prevention for type 1 diabetes, but 80-90% of diabetic patients have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which can often be prevented from being blown out of proportions by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining a normal body weight

Keeping your BMI or Body Mass Index in check is one of the basic requirements when it comes to overcoming your diabetes.

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Calculating your BMI and then working your way through making a correct diet plan for yourself might sound strenuous, thus, visiting a nutritionist is always a good alternative. Your bodyweight tends to go higher or lower than usual when you have diabetes. So, maintaining a normal weight can be harder than it sounds. However, setting a goal and with the correct guidance of a nutritionist and a fitness trainer, you should find yourself on the correct path. Creating a healthy diet can be challenging and difficult as it means a change in your lifestyle. There are a few things, however, that you can add to your diet, in order to remedy your diabetic condition. These include bitter gourd juice, green tea, basil leaves, black plum, fenugreek and okra.

Keeping a check on your blood sugar levels

Diabetes of any kind is characterized mainly by an unusual increase in blood sugar levels. In order to lower that scale. One must maintain a proper diet and bring down one’s normal stress levels. These can be done through regular exercises and meditation. Good sleeping pattern is also extremely necessary when it comes to keeping your blood sugar at its normal levels.

Taking correct medication for your diabetes and keeping a check on your glucose levels is also important as this cannot be treated exclusively by home remedies, no matter how much we would love to hear that.

Weight loss surgery

Many people with type 2 diabetes opt for weight loss surgeries which might help with their diabetes. However, if there is an increase in weight after the surgery, the blood sugar levels can shoot up. Many prefer, thus, maintaining their weight and diet and losing weight through more natural ways. It is extremely important to consult your doctor before going for surgery as some doctors might suggest surgery as not advisable. Keeping your diabetes in check starts with regular check-ups with the doctor who will help you stay in your path and maintain any success that you might have achieved.

To conclude, it is important to keep in mind your goals while taking the first steps. It is essential to remember who your fight is against. Consumption of tobacco and bad eating habits must be contained even if diabetes makes you crave them more. It is important to know your body and what is good and bad for it. Then only can you even think of starting to overcome something as severe as diabetes?

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