I Lost 30 lbs in less than 4 months with DeeveFit

I lost 30 lbs in less than 4 months with DeeveFit

Rajkumar Selvam, had a point in his life when he was only gaining weight, and particularly gaining fat. He started looking for a flexible fitness solution that works with his busy schedule. DeeveFit came as an answer to his worries.

Rajkumar Selvam signed for our DeeveFit Nutrition program, He had a coach who never let him give up and a supporting wife who never let him cheat on his diet. Rajkumar’s wife stood by his side and took care of the most difficult part – focusing on nutrition/diet plans provided by DeeveFit coaches.

Rajkumar Transformation:
Weight Before – 240.3 lbs,
Weight Now – 210 lbs
Duration – less than 4 months
Weight loss – 30 lbs

Rajkumar Selvam started, from being unsure about his fitness journey to keeping at it and then to becoming obsessed with gaining muscle and losing fat by constantly working out using DeeveFit Live fitness classes and following proper nutrition, his dedication continues looking forward to the healthy transformation in the coming days…

Rajkumar Selvam, You are a true inspiration for most of the busy working professionals to get back on to fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Start your weight loss journey today contact – support@deevefit.com to get started.

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